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Wedding Celebration in Malpas, Cheshire

  100 Guests

This design is for a wedding celebration for 100 guests. This layout compromises of a main marque being 12m wide x 21m, an adjoining 6m x 6m service area and 3 x 6m x 6m pagoda to act as open sided porches with a decking floor.

The main 12m wide frame marquee was designed with its gable end facing towards and open countryside view. This gable was clear PVC with panoramic PVC windows underneath. This created a lovely feature for the bar and reception area during the reception and throughout the day. The panoramic windows were also installed across the length of the marquee to allow guest to look from the main marquee into the pagodas. A single door was installed from the right hand side pagoda into the main marquee area.

Comfortable stylish rattan furniture and sofas were placed under the pagoda areas, these pagodas were then beautifully lit by concealed coloured flood lights which wash the pagoda in soft light.